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    PRESS STATEMENT: Spitzer Op-Ed Contradicts Cuomo Statements on Purpose of Foundation Aid Formula

    Spitzer Op-Ed Contradicts Cuomo Statements on Purpose of Foundation Aid Formula


    Albany, NY (February 16, 2017) — Today, former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer urged New York State to fulfil its constitutional obligation to provide a “sound basic education” to all students and fully fund the Foundation Aid formula. In an op-ed in the Albany Times Union, Gov. Spitzer points to the 2006 ruling in the Campaign for Fiscal Equity lawsuit as the origin of the school funding formula, stating that the “Foundation Aid formula was proposed and enacted as a direct result of the [Campaign for Fiscal Equity] litigation” to finally meet that obligation.

    “We substituted a backroom politically driven funding process that had both underfunded and misallocated education aid with a new Foundation Aid formula … The court ruling [in CFE] created a legal imperative that brought political agreement to an arena traditionally fraught with divisiveness,” wrote Governor Spitzer. “Today, a decade later, as a consequence, we see in far too many schools the same conditions that led to the CFE lawsuit in the first place.”

    The Alliance for Quality Education issued the following response:
    “Governor Spitzer has put an end to the false narrative from the Cuomo Administration that our schools are not owed the $4.3 billion in Foundation Aid,” said Billy Easton, Executive Director, Alliance for Quality Education. “Not only is this a constitutional obligation, it is essential to meeting the educational needs of our school children in economically disadvantaged communities. Governor Cuomo’s proposal to repeal the Foundation Aid formula would sidestep the constitutional imperative to fund our schools and cause irreparable harm to generations of students.”

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