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    Actor Cynthia Nixon Calls Out Governor Cuomo & Senate Majority for DeVos-Style Policies


    Actor and education activist Cynthia Nixon denounced Governor Cuomo and the Senate Republican-Independent Democratic Conference (IDC) Coalition for their plan to take money from public schools and send it to privately run charter schools, saying the plan resembles the policies of Betsy DeVos:

    “The nearly three million public school students across the state have every reason to expect our state elected officials to fight to deliver a quality education to all, but reality is a far different story. Governor Cuomo and the Senate Republican-IDC Coalition is insisting that any budget takes money that is owed to our public schools and instead sends that money to privately run charter schools. For Governor Cuomo and the Senate Republican-IDC Majority, this is not about our students it is about Wall Street billionaires who finance charter schools and political election campaigns. This is the type of policy we expect from Betsy DeVos, but it is what we are getting from Governor Cuomo and the New York State Senate Majority. We need Governor Cuomo and the State Senate Majority to stand up and deliver for our public school students, not sell them short.”

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