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    Cynthia NixonCynthia Nixon, an award winning television and Broadway actress, is a New York City public school parent who is actively involved in the fight for fair school funding. Since her daughter started Kindergarten in 2001, Nixon has been an active spokesperson in the campaign to get more funding for our public schools. Ms. Nixon is a parent of two children, a daughter and a son.

    “As a mother of two children it is very important to me that our schools help all kids reach their potential. Ensuring access to meaningful educational opportunities for all kids is the most important issue facing city and state leaders. Our elected leaders need to stand up for our kids and provide the additional school funding required by the CFE court decision. Each day they stall, our children suffer; they don’t get the help and support they need to achieve because of large class sizes, they don’t get pre-kindergarten and they start school behind, they don’t have quality after school programs to help them catch up. Every child deserves a meaningful education. I will continue to fight for my daughter and my son and all the kids who are currently being shortchanged.”
    -Cynthia Nixon

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    Founded only in 2000, the Alliance for Quality Education (AQE) has quickly become New York state’s lead community-based organization in the fight for high quality public education.


    Your gift will support our successful work to win funding to reduce class size, expand pre-kindergarten, and provide essential education services for millions of New York children.

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