#RestoreTheCuts to New York City School

Online Toolkit

The Mayor and City Council need to feel public pressure to reverse these cuts. Help us raise the pressure on them by highlighting the amount in cuts that YOUR neighborhood schools are facing using the following social media toolkit.

How to create your customized post and graphic:

Step 1: Find out how much the cuts are for your local school.
Use this tool to look up how much your neighborhood school is losing in cuts.

Step 2: Create a custom graphic showing your school’s cuts
Open this template graphic in Canva or click the template image below, and select add your school name and the cut amount. Click “Download” and choose either jpg or png.

#RestoreTheCuts to New York City School 1


Step 3: Share your graphic on social media
Post your graphic on your social media platforms with the following sample tweet (or create your own):

Under the NYC budget, @NYCMayor Eric Adams & the @NYCCouncil are cutting $XXXXXXX from my neighborhood school. NYC has the money to fund all our public schools, but our leaders are choosing not to. Tell them we demand they #RestoreTheCuts!

Ready to do more? Here are some other ways to help:

Sign our petition to Mayor Adams and the New York City Council Members demanding that they restore school budget cuts made by the FY23 budget.

Then, reach out to 5 friends who will be impacted by the budget cuts — parents, teachers, students, or concerned community members — to share the petition, and to ask 5 of their friends to do it as well.

Call the Department of Education and let them know you are concerned about the budget cuts to your school, using the sample script below. The number is (212) 374-1936.

Call Script

Hello, my name is [your name],

I’m calling today as a student/parent/teacher at [school name] slated to receive [$$ amount of budget cut found here].

The proposed hundreds of millions of dollars in budget cuts are simply unacceptable. These cuts are especially unacceptable while 4.3 billion dollars of federally allocated stimulus money remains unspent from the 7 billion total relief package. With less funding, our schools will suffer, setting students back further and compounding the impact of virtual learning.

Now more than ever, on the heels of a pandemic that has been disastrous for our kids, we should be doubling down on investments in our classrooms to reduce class sizes, allow a greater emphasis on social and emotional learning, and fund opportunities for creative expression in art classes. Denying available funding to schools will have the exact opposite effect. With less funding, schools will be forced to reduce the number of active teachers, increase class sizes, all with the effect of stagnated learning.

After enduring two challenging and tiring years of distanced learning our educators and students deserve more. I’m calling today to ask that the Department of Education reverse the budget cuts and that the DoE and the Mayor’s office close the budget gap.

Organize a call-in party for your networks to all call the Department of Education together.

    1. Steps to organizing a call-in party
      1. Ask 2-3 of your friends with wide networks to co-host with you
      2. With co-hosts, decide time and location of event
      3. Put up a Facebook event 
      4. Invite your friends to the FB event and have the co-hosts invite theirs
      5. Optional: If you want to and can front or fundraise the money to do so, purchase t-shirts for event attendees (sample below)
      6. The day before the event, call or text everyone you invited asking them if they plan on coming
        1. If they can’t make it, email them this toolkit to do the action on their own 
      7. Optional: Buy pizza or snacks, aggregate or buy art supplies
      8. Day of event: Show up with other co-hosts 15min before event starts and go over call-in party plan (sample agenda below)