Freedom Summer is a month-long political education experience that builds a strong contingent of parent leaders who are committed to education for liberation.

Parents engage in political education sessions that will unearth the deep-rooted inequities students are faced with and together we will determine what a true education for liberation looks like.

In 2021, AQE’s Freedom Summer will provide a space during Black August for parent leaders to come together to unpack the history of police and policing while amplifying the stories of those who are most impacted by police violence. We will also challenge ourselves to reimagine safety by exploring existing alternatives to policing while collectively brainstorming ways community members can do the work to keep themselves and each other safe. 

Some topics the program considers have included:

  1. Racial Justice: How can we dismantle systems of racism and white supremacy within our educational settings?
  2. Racial Capitalism: How can we debunk the capitalist myth that all students have equal access to quality education? What does education in an anti-capitalist world look like?
  3. Gender Justice: How do educational settings reproduce gender injustice? What does gender justice in schools look like?
  4. Disability Justice: How does ableism impact the ways students/parents and community members engage in the educational process?

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