Rally for New York City Public Schools


Rally for New York City Public Schools 1

June 26 Online Toolkit 

Action #1 | Virtual Speak-Out — 11 AM

Mayor de Blasio and the City Council are planning to cut $800 million in funding from New York City’s public schools. They need to hear from New Yorkers that now — amidst a pandemic — is not the time to make cuts to public education! Record a video responding to the following prompt:

Mayor de Blasio, you cannot cut funding for our public schools because….

Post your video on your social media channels (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) with the hashtags #FundNYSchools, #DefundThePolice and #NYCBudgetJustice.

Check out the sample video below from AQE Executive Director Jasmine Gripper:


Action #2 | Email & Call Your Legislators — 11:30 AM

Send an email to Mayor de Blasio and the members of the City Council Budget Negotiating Team using the form below. Tell them to protect public education in the city budget! Fund schools, not the NYPD.

Click here to send an email to Mayor Bill de Blasio and the City Council Budget Negotiating Team now! Tell them to fund our schools and Defund NYPD by at least a billion dollars.


Download graphics for social media to your computer.

Or tap and hold on the images below to save them to your phone:

Rally for New York City Public Schools 2 Rally for New York City Public Schools 3 Rally for New York City Public Schools 4 Rally for New York City Public Schools 5Rally for New York City Public Schools 6


Below are sample messages you can copy and paste to post from your own social media accounts. If you have Twitter, you can just use the Click to Tweet option and it will copy the text into a window — all you have to do is click “Tweet”! 

‪Our schools have remained underfunded for years & are facing disproportionate budget cuts. @NYCSchools spends $451 million annually on police. The time is now for #PoliceFreeSchools.  Redirect funds to improve school climate, social-emotional services + more.‬ @NYCMayor 

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‪As @NYCMayor + @NYCCouncil negotiate the budget, we need them to prioritize education, NOT criminalization. Our leaders must side w/ students & communities! Take action: tell de Blasio to #DefundTheNYPD by at least $1bil + #FundNYschools! https://bit.ly/2U75pIG @MarkTreyger718

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Put your money where your mouth is @NYCMayor + @NYCSpeakerCoJo! We need to make sure our schools and communities have the resources they need. Cut the NYPD by at least $1bil #DefundNYPD & #ProtectNYSchools! @Dromm25 @MarkTreyger718 @HelenRosenthal @JimmyVanBramer @StephenLevin33 

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It is unconscionable to cut school funding in the middle of the #COVID19 pandemic. More than ever students need culturally responsive edu, health & mental health services, guidance counselors & social workers. @NYCSpeakerCoJo @NYCCouncil38 #ProtectNYSchools & #DefundNYPD

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It is not enough to #DefundNYPD by at least $1bil — we must invest the cost savings in our children by providing them with the quality education they deserve. We need more social workers + nurses in schools, NOT POLICE. #DefundNYPD #PoliceFreeSchools @NYCMayor @NYCSpeakerCoJo 

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We will not accept cuts to @NYCSchools! #defundingtheNYPD means that instead of spending billions on policing, we could invest in restorative practices in schools, with more counselors, social workers, grief counselors + school psychologists. @Costa4NY @cmlauriecumbo @RCornegyJr

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@NYCCouncil + @NYCMayor have two choices: cut education & continue to short change Black & Brown students, or #DefundNYPD and #FundNYSchools to invest in our communities. @MarkTreyger718 @NYCSpeakerCoJo @Dromm25 

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We call on @NYCMayor @NYCCouncil Budget Negotiating team to immediately remove police from  @NYCSchools. Cut at least $1 bil from NYPD budget & invest in education & youth services, as a step toward addressing the harm they’ve caused our communities. @Dromm25 @NYCSpeakerCoJo 

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There are only a few days until the NYC budget is finalized and @NYCMayor is STILL proposing $800M in cuts from @NYCSchools while proposing to spend $450M on police in schools. @NYCSpeakerCoJo  must stand up against this unjust budget.  #DefundNYPD + #FundNYSchools @Costa4NY 

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The regressive + violent tactics used by @NYCMayor will continue to traumatize Black and Brown students at a time where students need more resources, not less. @coreyinNYC @MarkTreyger718 @Dromm25 NO cuts to education in the budget. #DefundNYPD #FundNYSchools #PoliceFreeSchools 

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