2022 Education Priorities

The landmark 2021 budget victory finally met the requirements of the education funding formula that arose from the Campaign for Fiscal Equity case. Nevertheless we will continue to fight for a fully funded and equitable system of education, where every school’s mission is to provide an excellent education in an environment conducive to teaching and learning, for expanded family and community engagement, and to ensure that entire school communities respect cultural differences and are reflective of the communities they serve.

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Solutions Not Suspensions
Critical Race Theory

The national right-wing hysteria over Critical Race Theory (CRT) is already impacting New York State. School board candidates are running on anti-CRT platforms. Rhetoric from the right is already inducing some New York State parents to oppose culturally responsive education (CRE), grounded in the idea that public schools should offer a variety of classes, curricula, projects, books and resources that are based on the rich diversity of the student population. NYS needs to commit to teach truth and combat anti-CRT advocacy efforts in our schools and ensure that all students have access to a culturally responsive and sustaining education and all educators have access to anti-racism and anti-bias trainings.

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