2022 Campaigns: School Funding & Foundation Aid

Foundation Aid: $1.6 billion

In 2022, we are working to ensure that the second year of the promised increase in Foundation Aid contained in the 2021 budget agreement is provided in full. There is still $3 billion to be delivered to our students. Also, we will need to start thinking about how to improve the foundation aid formula and the way we finance our school system.

Analysis: How much school aid will your district receive in 2022?


Importantly, how the federal and state funding is spent is crucial for our students. We need to use the existing tools of accountability, such as the Contract for Excellence, strengthening them, in order to ensure that funding is spent appropriately and effectively, as well as, ensuring meaningful public process for parents, families, and community members.

Toolkit: Assess your district’s ARP spending plan

Report: We Demand: How New York’s Communities Want to Use New Federal Aid to Public Schools