I am a public school parent in Manhattan – District 2. I am Filipino-American, and have a multiracial family. I believe in a public school system that represents the community it serves, and fully supports each child regardless of race, class, ethnicity, and ability.

My journey into this fight began while my wife and I were searching for diverse schools and noticed the segregation that is still prevalent in our school system. Fueled by that injustice and my own racial experience, I joined the fight despite having been raised to remain quiet and assimilate.

My first meeting with local officials regarding school aid distribution, and universal childcare was the spark, and the moment I realized that my path belonged in education justice. It was obvious – Education Justice is Racial Justice.

As an AQE Ed Warrior I continually learn from and am inspired by all the amazing people I’ve met who have been fighting for years. We have much work to do towards equity. My wife and I work as a team and we have engaged in community with like-minded parent leaders. AQE is a guiding light and I am excited to continue with the AQE Community Team, as well as with more recent connections such as New York Appleseed, and the Coalition for Asian American Children + Families. I am also inspired by intergenerational work and look forward to collaborating more with and supporting young voices.