Support Childcare & Pre-K

New York needs to fulfill its promise to provide full-day Pre-K for all 4- and 3-year-olds across the state. Instead of decreasing child care subsidies, we should be increasing support for children and families. High quality early childhood education creates long terms benefits for children, families and community. For every $1 invested in early learning, taxpayers save $7-$11 in future cost. We need to invest in our youngest New Yorkers. 

Where’s My Pre-K?

New York State has been gradually expanding access for full day Pre-K for 3 and 4 year olds. A few districts like NYC and Rochester actually have universal Pre-K to serve all the 4-year-olds who wish to attend a full day program. Unfortunately, the majority of upstate and suburban districts have been left behind.

Governor Cuomo’s stated repeatedly, “It is time for New York State to have universal full day Pre-K statewide.” He promised a blank check for every school district that was willing and able to expand Pre-K, but universal Pre-K has yet to materialize in most areas.

AQE’s early childhood campaign focuses on expanding access to high quality half-day and full-day programs and expanding quality, and reminding Governor Cuomo to keep his promise and make universal Pre-K a reality statewide.

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