Board of Regents Releases School Aid Proposal for 2019-2020 Emphasizing Equity 1

Board of Regents Releases School Aid Proposal for 2019-2020 Emphasizing Equity

Albany, NY (December 10, 2018) — Today, the New York State Board of Regents, under the leadership of Chancellor Rosa, has demonstrated once again its commitment to equity and adequacy for public schools. The State Aid proposal the board is putting forth today is a clear path to fully funding public schools in a manner that recognizes the impact that poverty and racial bias have on our students.
The Board is proposing increasing Foundation Aid by $1.66 billion and a three year phase in to finally fully fund the $4 billion that the state currently owes to public schools, with the vast majority of those owed to schools with high concentrations of Black and Latinx students and with significant poverty. In addition, the Board is proposing adding funding to quality full day pre-K, dedicated funding for English Language Learners and for career and technical education.
The Alliance for Quality Education applauds the Board of Regents and Chancellor Rosa for their bold commitment to equity. With the new reality in the New York State legislature, we hope that finally our students will receive the investment they have a right to by the state. We urge the Governor to propose a budget that follows in the footsteps of the Board of Regents. We urge the Assembly and the Senate to be as adamant in the commitment to public schools and New York’s students as the Board of Regents has been. This year, the legislature must commit to a three year phase in of the Foundation Aid formula so the state can finally deliver on its obligation to provide “a sound basic education” to all students.