AQE Education Budget Testimony: Gov. Cuomo's School Funding Proposal Is Grossly Inadequate 1

AQE Education Budget Testimony: Gov. Cuomo’s School Funding Proposal Is Grossly Inadequate

ALBANY, N.Y. (February 6, 2019) — In response to the New York State joint legislative budget hearing on education Wednesday, the public education advocacy organization Alliance for Quality Education released the following statement:

“While much remains to be decided and debated before the budget is finalized, today’s education committee hearings showed that there is clear agreement on one thing: that Governor Cuomo’s proposal for Foundation Aid is grossly inadequate to meet the needs of our public school students. Chancellor MaryEllen Elia and many of the State Legislators expressed a shared concern over the impact of the Governor’s so called ‘equity plan,’ which would require poor students in high need districts to fight over crumbs,” said Jasmine Gripper, Legislative Director, Alliance for Quality Education.
“New York State’s underfunding of school districts disproportionately impacts school districts serving predominantly Black and Brown children, and shortchanges students living in poverty, students with disabilities and English language learners. Schoolchildren are dependent on the members of the New York State Assembly and Senate to ensure that their schools get the adequate resources they need in the enacted budget. We urge the State Legislature to follow the Regents’ recommendations to fund Foundation Aid at $1.66 billion and commit to a three year phase-in of the remaining funds.”