Tax the rich, fund our schools

Once again Governor Cuomo has proposed a budget that would maintain systemic racism in education funding. By underfunding the Foundation Aid formula, Governor Cuomo is ensuring that Black, Brown and low income children will have limited opportunities for educational success. Year after year, he claims there’s not enough funding to meet the needs of children- But NY has more millionaires and billionaires than ever.

Tell state leaders that it’s time #FundNYschools! Send Chairwoman Krueger and Chairwoman Weinstein a message now demanding they prioritize funding New York’s public schools.

This year we have a real chance to end educational inequity and generate revenue for our schools by raising taxes on the ultra-rich. A small tax increase on the 1% would generate about $4 billion of new revenue, enough to fully fund Foundation Aid. It’s time to #MakeBillionairesPay and return what was taken from our communities. Now, our elected officials need to hear from us that we demand a budget that prioritizes children over millionaires and billionaires.

Joint hearings on the executive budget are already underway in Albany. The Senate Finance Committee and Assembly Ways and Means Committee — chaired by Senator Liz Krueger and Assemlymember Helene Weinstein, respectively — will influence what each house in the Legislature proposes, and ultimately what will be discussed in final negotiations and what will be left on the cutting room floor. Write them now demanding they fight for an equitable state budget by raising taxes on millionaires and billionaires to fully fund public schools.

We demand equity for Black, Brown and low income students. We need our legislators to know they must fight for public education, not to undermine it. Send Senator Krueger and Assemblywoman Weinstein a message now demanding they prioritize funding New York’s public schools.