Tell your legislators to vote NO on the budget

April 1st — it’s budget day.
Most of the budget bills are out, but we’re still missing some key bills. What we know so far, this budget is devastating. This budget will cut funding for schools that are in urgent need or more resources, not less. It could cut funding for hospitals amidst a pandemic. The legislature is still considering rolling back the historic bail reform changes that keeps innocent New Yorkers out of over crowded jails. And there are still no additional protections for renters who can’t pay rent that’s due today.
Enough is enough! The only winners in this budget right now are New York’s billionaires and ultra rich. Tell your State Senator and Assemblymember to VOTE NO on this budget that fails to protect our most vulnerable New Yorkers.
We cannot allow this pandemic to deepen inequality in our state. Our State Senators and Assemblymembers must stand up for children, families, educators and healthcare workers, and reject any budget that cuts our health care, schools, and rolls back bail protections. Send an email to them now to VOTE NO on the state budget.
Our elected officials need to go back to the negotiation table and demand to make billionaires pay to invest in our communities. This is not a time to balance the budget on the backs of children and families. New York’s 112 billionaires with a combined wealth of $525 billion, nearly 5 times our entire state budget, need to pay more to protect our schools and hospitals.
Our representatives are in Albany to work on behalf of the people in their neighborhoods. They must VOTE NO on any budget that harms our communities.