Tell Governor Hochul: Make Universal Child Care a Reality in New York!

On January 5, Governor Hochul delivered her inaugural State of the State address to announce her top priorities and proposals for New York State in 2022. When making her address, Governor Hochul proposed increasing access to child care for 100,000 families making up to 225% of the federal level of poverty and investing $75 million for wages for providers and workers.

After touring the state and seeing the vast need, we know that helping only 100,000 families is not enough to make a dent in the need that exists across the state. New York families and early educators need Governor Hochul to step in and make a bold investment of $5 billion to lay the foundation for universal child care. Let Governor Hochul know that New York families can’t continue to wait for universal child care!

New York State has the resources to act now and make universal child care a reality. Families who have been on waiting lists for 2-3 years to get a spot in a child care facility cannot be told they must continue to wait. New York cannot afford to continue to ignore the crisis in child care, or to meet it with another band-aid solution. Email Governor Hochul and tell her to step in and make bold investments in childcare for New York families and providers!

New York State must be proactive in supporting families who are in desperate need of support and access to quality and affordable childcare. Families need access to a universal system and providers and teachers need to be paid for the service they provide. Email Governor Hochul and demand she makes a bold investment of $5 billion to expand child care statewide!