Statement in Support of Jamaica Miles

Over the past 10 years, Jamaica Miles has worked with AQE as a parent, advocate, community leader, and member of the AQE board — years of experience that speak to her fierce commitment to educational and racial justice for Schenectady’s students and for children around the state. 

Jamaica was deeply involved in the decades-long statewide fight for Foundation Aid that was won last year, a victory that directly led to Schenectady schools getting a $15.6 million  increase (In Foundation Aid) and schools statewide $1.5 billion. As an advocate and also a plaintiff in the school funding lawsuit NYSER v. The State of New York, Jamaica was central to this historic fight for high quality education for all New York’s children. She brings that same commitment, determination and moral integrity to her role on the Schenectady School Board. 

Too often Black women who achieve positions of power and authority come under attack, and it’s our collective responsibility to raise our voices against those who wish to silence us. Jamaica Miles’ record in advocating for New York’s children speaks for itself. Everything she has done has been in support of children in Schenectady and across the state having access to a high quality education. We stand by her and are committed to the fight for education justice together.