NYC Council Should Act Swiftly to Restore the Cuts 1

NYC Council Should Act Swiftly to Restore the Cuts

NEW YORK, N.Y. (August 4, 2022) — In response to the pending legal decision that will likely require the New York City Council to re-vote on the education budget, the public education advocacy organization Alliance for Quality Education released the following statement:

“As parents and young people continue to organize tirelessly to fully fund our schools, we are encouraged by Judge Frank continuing the restraining order and preventing Mayor Adams from proceeding with his outrageous education cuts. We remain in an unfortunate situation where educators, parents, and students face enormous uncertainty ahead of the rapidly-approaching school year. As we await the court’s order, we urge Mayor Adams to reverse course and fund our schools. Assuming, as the court suggested today, that the New York City Council will get the opportunity to revisit the education budget, we look forward to working with Council Members to make sure schools are whole and meet the urgent and growing needs of students. Finally, we are grateful to Comptroller Lander for his diligent work to help identify the $500 million in unspent and unallocated funding that can be used to make school budgets whole,” said Jasmine Gripper, Executive Director, Alliance for Quality Education.

“We look forward to Judge Frank’s final decision tomorrow.”