NYC schools with enrollment shortfalls face cuts; more budget losses loom

By Alex Zimmerman in Chalkbeat, 25 October 2023.

New York City schools with lower-than-projected enrollments face budget reductions midyear, signaling a shift from using federal funds to cushion losses. This decision comes amid a challenging fiscal situation and uncertainties regarding federal COVID-19 relief funds, affecting schools’ finances and services. This return to midyear cuts could impact schools already struggling from enrollment declines, intensified needs after the pandemic, and budget constraints. Such financial strains might lead to significant budget cuts, affecting educational services, staffing, and other resources across the district, despite efforts to prioritize specialized educational programming. These changes threaten to disrupt essential student support services and may cause delays in addressing the needs of vulnerable student populations, such as those living in temporary housing and children with disabilities. The city’s financial challenges and potential budget reductions pose a significant risk to various educational aspects and support systems for students.

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