Send Legislators a Love Letter for Public Education in 2024 1

Send Legislators a Love Letter for Public Education in 2024

As we write to you, advocates in Albany are demanding more progressive tax policies for increased funding to public education and other essential services. Email your state legislators now calling on them to reject Governor Hochul’s harmful cuts and instead invest in the future of all New Yorkers.

What’s Happening

Today, the State Legislature is holding joint hearings on revenue. Governor Hochul is refusing to raise taxes on New York’s most affluent and profitable corporations and individuals, despite the fact that polls show that New Yorkers overwhelmingly support such action.. Implementing modest wealth taxes, like the capital gains tax (S.2162/A.2576) and corporate tax bill (S.1980/A.3690), would revolutionize our budget system, and ensure more consistent funding for our schools and essential public services that families and communities depend on.

What We Must Do

Governor Hochul is neglecting the needs of lower- and middle-income New Yorkers and jeopardizing the quality of education available to our students who depend on it most. Urge your state legislators to:

  1. Reject the governor’s proposals on Foundation Aid and fully restore funding at $927 million.
  2. Provide $1 million to the State Education Department and the Board of Regents to engage experts, stakeholders, and the general public to update the formula.
  3. Provide $2 billion to schools for their immediate needs in the FY25 budget to avoid gaps in the services they provide.
  4. Invest $1.5 billion in early childhood education by providing supplemental wages to the child care workforce and make child care assistance available to all children.
  5. Raise revenue by taxing millionaires, billionaires, and corporations.


Email your state legislators NOW to reject the governor’s harmful cuts to education funding. The Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic, and Asian Legislative Caucus is actively advocating for our kids and families through initiatives like the Universal Child Care Act, a more equitable formula for K-12 public schools, the expansion of pre-K, and fair taxation for the ultra wealthy, which would better fund the essential services our communities need. Let your legislators know you stand in solidarity with the Caucus, for a more equitable and hopeful New York for us all. Email them now!