Demand Fair Wages for Child Care Workers

This morning, we are working through the details of the Senate’s one house budget proposal, and analyzing the proposal from the Assembly. So far this is clear: State Legislators recognize that the Governor’s executive budget proposal does not invest enough funding for wages The Senate clearly recognizes the need for additional funding, and even though it is not $1.2 billion, it is more than the governor chose to include in her budget.

We are calling on state leadership to permanently increase investment in the New York State child care workforce in the enacted budget. If they fail to act, they will jeopardize the livelihoods of child care educators and impact the quality and stability of child care in our communities.

Write a Letter to Governor Hochul voicing your support for a $1.2 billion investment in New York State’s child care workforce, advocating for a permanent workforce compensation fund.

Your support for fair compensation in the child care sector is one key step in dismantling gender disparities in the workforce.