Demand a Just Budget for Our Schools

Yesterday, along with the Invest in Our New York campaign, we were up in Albany telling the Governor, State Assembly, and State Senate that it’s time to pass a just budget that taxes the ultra-rich and invests in our public schools, our child care workforce, and our working class communities. This week, as New York State’s budget decision-making deadlines loom, we’re down to the wire!

Governor Hochul is trying to slash Foundation Aid increases, ignoring the long term needs of our child care educators, all while refusing to tax the ultra-wealthy to generate much-needed revenue for social programs that New York’s families rely on. She’s prioritizing the interests of billionaires over our children, and this is unacceptable.

The Governor’s proposed budget touts investment in our future but fails to do so. Instead, it puts kids on the back burner. Email Governor Hochul NOW and demand that the final budget prioritizes children, not billionaires.