Prioritize Our Racial and Economic Issues Now!

Last night, Governor Hochul announced the details of an alleged budget agreement reached with state leaders. Her announcement was sparse on details on education and failed to address child care altogether. As we await further information, it’s evident that our fight isn’t over.

It’s crucial to recognize that the Governor does not pass the budget alone. Now is the time for the State Legislature to demonstrate where they stand on critical issues of equity and justice. It is not too late for them to push back and ensure the budget delivers for children and families.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Clarity on Foundation Aid: There must be no cuts or changes to the Foundation Aid formula, and any future revisions to the formula must be part of a meaningful public process.
  • Investments in Child Care: Our fight for universal child care is ongoing, and we cannot afford to let up until the budget is passed.
  • Limitations on NYC Mayoral Control: If mayoral control is to be included in the budget, it must come with clear limitations on the mayor’s powers and a clear phase-out process, as advocated for by the majority of those who testified during the public hearings. We stand with the ECC’s demands for a truly independent PEP with fewer mayoral appointees and increased oversight for large contracts.

Your voices and advocacy have helped hold the line so far. We showed the harmful impact the Governor’s proposals would have on schools. Our fight isn’t over until the bills are voted on. Until then, stay engaged. Keep speaking up. Together, we make a difference. Let’s keep pushing for the change we believe in!