Policy Archives (2011-2015)


Report: Restoring Justice in Buffalo Public Schools: Safe and Supportive Quality Education for All 7.8.2015

Poll: New Yorkers Don’t Want More Charter Schools, School Choice is a Low Priority 5.7.2015

Evaluation of the 2015 New York State Budget 4.8.2015

Prioritizing Equity: Lessons for Budget Negotiators from Senate and Assembly Education Budget Proposals 3.26.2015

Gubernatorial Delinquency: Cuomo’s Failure to Fund New York State Public Schools 3.5.2015

Alliance for Quality Education Testimony to the Joint Senate Finance and Assembly Ways and Means Committees 2.3.2015

Record Setting Inequality: New York’s Opportunity Gap Is Wider than Ever 1.11.2015


Corruption in Education: Hedge Funds and the Takeover of New York’s Schools 12.2.2014

Risking Public Money: New York Charter School Fraud 12.1.2014

Breaking the School-to-Prison Pipeline: The Crisis Affecting Rochester’s Students and What We Can Do to Fix It 11.18.2014

Good for Kids or Good for Carl: Who Really Benefit$ from Turning Public Schools into Privately Run Charter Schools? 10.15.2014

Upstate School Aid: Setting the Record Straight – Senate Democrats Fought and Won for Upstate Schools 10.7.2014

Billions Behind: New York State Continues to Violate Students’ Constitutional Rights 8.7.2014

Findings from AQE & CFE Fact Finding Tour 3.3.2014

No Need to Choose Between Pre-K Plans: What’s Best for Children in NYS? 2.26.2014

Letter to Arne Duncan: 50 State Teacher Equity Strategy 2.19.2014

Tale of Two States: Equity Outperforms Inequity 2.11.2014

Unfair to Upstate: An Evaluation of the Distribution of Rebates Under the Executive Budget Tax Freeze Plan 2.10.2014

School Funding Fairness in New York State: An Update for 2013-14 (report by Bruce Baker) 2.7.2014

New York’s 50 Most Underfunded School Districts (report by Bruce Baker) 2.7.2014

IBO Report: Availability and Distribution of Selected Program Resources in New York City High Schools


Whole Child, Whole School, Whole City: An Education Road Map for the Next Mayor 10.7.2013

Romney First Report: How Romney Donors & Political Insiders Use their Capital – And Bain Capital – to Control NYC Education 8.17.2013

Analysis: Drop in Test Scores, Widening Opportunity Gap 8.8.2013

College & Career Readiness Report Card 7.2.2013

Confronting the Opportunity Gap 3.3.2013

Testimony of Billy Easton before Joint Senate Finance Committees and Assembly Ways and Means 1.29.2013


Punish the Crooks, Not the Kids: Recommendations in Support of Preschool Special Education Programs 12.13.2012

Is Demography Still Destiny? (report by Annenberg Institute for School Reform) 10.24.2012

New York State Competitive Grants: Creating a System of Education Winners and Losers 9.23.2012

Working Group on School Transformation: The Way Forward, From Sanctions to Support 4.17.2012 

Early Childhood Education: Frozen Funding Leads to Cracks in Foundation 2.07.2012

No One Wins When Our Children Lose 2.1.2012


Back to Inequality: How Students in Poor School Districts are Paying the Price for the State Budget 11.15.2011

Moving Towards Restorative Justice One Step at a Time 8.30.2011

AQE’s 10 ways to cuts costs without hurting students 5.20.2011

Across New York State: Examples of Cuts as a Result of the New York State 5.19.2011

Widening the Funding Gap 3.2.2011

Joint CFE-AQE Joint Legislative Education Budget Hearing 2.15.2011