State Senators Need to Protect Students, Not Ultra Rich

With public schools still grappling with how to address the ongoing challenges created by COVID-19, the stakes of the ongoing state budget negotiations in Albany are higher than ever.

For years New Yorkers have worked hard to win Democratic control of the State Legislature, and as a result of that statewide effort Democrats now have a supermajority in both houses. But Senators Sean Ryan and Tim Kennedy, two Democratic Senators representing Buffalo — a high need community where New York State owes schools nearly $108 million in Foundation Aid — are not currently supporting bills that would raise taxes on the ultra rich to ensure that the basic needs of students can be met.

Senators Ryan and Kennedy are influential in the Buffalo delegation, and their actions against raising revenue will impact children in every corner of the state. Send an email to them now demanding they prioritize funding New York’s public schools in the state budget and support the Invest in Our New York revenue bills.

While Governor Cuomo focuses on finding new ways for the state to shortchange public schools and passing the buck to the federal government, the needs of students are growing. New York’s high poverty school districts, which educate the majority of Black and Brown students in the state, are heavily reliant on state aid for school funding. When Governor Cuomo shortchanges aid to public schools, he most harms the state’s Black and Brown students.

We need Senators Ryan and Kennedy to step up, not only for the children of Buffalo but for the children of New York State. We need them to take a stand to invest in our New York. Send an email now.