AQE & CEJ Respond to Resignation of Chancellor Carranza

NEW YORK, N.Y. (February 26, 2021) — In response to the resignation of Richard A. Carranza and the appointment of Meisha Porter as Chancellor of New York City Public Schools, public education advocacy organizations Alliance for Quality Education and NYC Coalition for Educational Justice released the following statement:

“Many thanks to Chancellor Carranza for his service to the children and families in New York City. From day one, Carranza challenged white supremacy in education and called out the inequity, bias and segregation in New York City schools. Not only did he name the problem, but he took major steps to move the city schools in a more equitable direction. Under his leadership the Department of Education staff for the first time ever reflects the diversity of the city and our schools, and this change has led to concrete reforms to address racial justice in education,” said Zakiyah Ansari, Advocacy Director, Alliance for Quality Education, and Natasha Capers, Director, NYC Coalition for Educational Justice.

“We welcome Meisha Porter, the first Black woman to lead New York City’s school system, a historic achievement that comes at a critical moment for the city’s students. We are excited to have her take on this pivotal role and look forward to working with her to continue to move forward an agenda of racial justice in our city schools.

“As Chancellor, Meisha Porter will be tasked with continuing the work begun by her predecessor to make the city’s schools more equitable and champion its neediest students. She will face many of the same challenges: we know that the vehement attacks and opposition that Chancellor Carranza experienced as a man of color in this position will not stop with his departure, and that they may be directed at Meisha Porter, a Black woman, tenfold.

“In spite of his original campaign promises, Mayor de Blasio has been a significant impediment to equity in New York City Schools. He dragged his feet on culturally responsive education, continues to insist on maintaining racially biased tests and programs that ensure continued segregation and inequities in our public schools. Mayor de Blasio has until the end of the year to head on address the inequities in our public schools. We hope Mayor de Blasio will provide clear and public support for this appointee and denounce those who may attack her.”