It’s time for Gov. Hochul to deliver on her promises to New York’s children

Last week, New York voted to give Governor Hochul a historic full term, sending a clear message that we will not stand for Trump-aligned politicians who stoke fear, hate and lies, and deny elections. New York’s working families were critical to the Governor’s victory. Now it’s time for her to deliver for us. Email Governor Hochul now telling her to follow through on her promises to fully fund public education, to invest in the child care workforce and support children and families.

During her first year in office, Governor Hochul made commitments to New York’s children and families with the potential to transform public education and child care in our state. She followed through on the second year of the State’s three-year commitment to fully fund the Foundation Aid formula, and ended the State’s legal opposition to providing this much-needed funding to students. And in the enacted budget, she committed to a $7 billion investment in child care over the next four years.

Now, with a full term ahead of her, Governor Hochul has a mandate to continue the progress that she began last year, and see through her promises to fully fund public education and expand child care and support children and families. 

Send an email to Governor Hochul urging her to keep her promises to New York’s children and families in the upcoming legislative session, by fulfilling the final year of the Foundation Aid phase-in, and continuing the momentum toward a truly universal child care in New York.