Tell Governor Hochul to sign the child care bill!

Earlier this year, State Legislators passed a bill that would decouple child care subsidies from parents’ work hours. This bill would help New York’s families consistently access the child care assistance they need, but Governor Hochul needs to sign the bill by Saturday for it to become law. Email her now!

This bill is a common sense solution that will provide stability for children, families, and child care providers across New York State. A child’s early learning shouldn’t end for the day just because their parent’s morning shift is over. And working moms whose schedules change from week to week should be able to meet their families’ needs while their children are learning and safe. 

But before this important bill can become law, Governor Hochul needs to sign it — and she’s running out of time. Right now, it’s sitting on her desk. The governor promised to transform child care. This is one step toward that goal. 

It’s time to make sure Governor Hochul upholds her commitments to prioritize children, families, and the early childhood workforce. Tell Governor Hochul to sign the bill that decouples child care subsidy from parents’ work hours!