Support stable child care in New York

We’re on the cusp of a critical deadline and urgently need your support! Governor Hochul has until December 23 to sign the decoupling bill, A4986A/S5327A – a crucial step towards ensuring more equitable access to child care across New York state.

The existing system ties child care eligibility directly to parents’ work hours, leaving out families with irregular work schedules, including parents who work nights or weekends. This unfairly and disproportionately impacts low and middle income families. The decoupling bill, A4986A/S5327A, promises stability to households and communities statewide, guaranteeing children consistent care regardless of changes in parental work hours. It’s a matter of ensuring parents can earn enough to support their families without ever compromising the safety and well-being of their children. This isn’t just about convenience, it profoundly impacts children’s development and well-being. Stable child care fosters healthy behaviors, social skills, and emotional security – integral elements of future mental health.

Governor Hochul’s signature on this bill would go a long way towards proving her commitment to affordable, stable child care for New York’s lower and middle-income families. It would also move us closer towards universal child care, equitable access for all families, and supporting child care workers.

Take immediate action now, by urging Governor Hochul to sign the decoupling bill:

Sample messaging

  • NY parents need stable child care, not restrictions tied to work hours. @GovKathyHochul, sign the Decoupling Bill, A4986A/S5327A, to support working families across the state. #NYSUniversalChildCare
  • @GovKathyHochul, thousands of NY families need stable child care. Sign the Decoupling Bill, A4986A/S5327A, now and ensure every child gets the care they deserve. #NYSUniversalChildCare
  • @GovKathyHochul, don’t deny working class families, who work nights or weekends, access to child care. Sign the Decoupling Bill, A4986A/S5327A, and ensure all children are educated and safe!