Response to Legislature's Rejection of Proposed Congressional Maps 1

Response to Legislature’s Rejection of Proposed Congressional Maps

“We thank the New York State legislature for voting down the Independent Redistricting Commissions’ proposed Congressional maps yesterday.

“When Black and brown communities are split and isolated across multiple Congressional districts it dilutes their collective power and denies them the right to vote in political representation that will carry the best agenda for their communities from high quality fully funded public schools to affordable housing,” said Zakiyah Shaakir-Ansari, Co-Executive Director, Alliance for Quality Education.

“Since our country’s founding, electoral redistricting and gerrymandering has been used — and continues to be used to this day — to disenfranchise Black voters. New York can and must end this practice with the next set of maps, which must reconnect Black and brown communities, and better reflect principles of equity and fairness.”